Jane: *Pushes Alan on the vehicles* Dylan: *Puts Harry on seating* Alan: *Laying down on the floor*

Jane: *Pushes Alan on the vehicles* Dylan: *Puts Harry on seating* Alan: *Laying down on the floor*

Policeman 94: *Providing cover* Cop 76: *Efficiency fire* Catherine: *Holding Alan which have Jane* Alan: ? a couple of dont think ? could possibly get out with this. Catherine: Yes i perform. *Becomes Alan so you’re able to Dylan’s automobile* The single thing I am planning to regret was enjoying ? die. Alan: ? basic.

Alan: ? Harry, advisable that you discover ? once again. Harry: Comfortable down truth be told have a glimpse at this link there? Harry: Your own attitude’s moved downhill. Alan: We’re about to perish Harry. Harry: Don’t point out that. I am aware Ryan’s had everything under control. Alan: I really hope you are proper.

Los angeles Lake bed. The latest Cadillac Alan, and you will Harry leased was wishing truth be told there, and therefore is actually Marco with about three thugs. In it try some other Cadillac, and a truck.

Alan: In my opinion the two of us know the solution to that question

Dylan: *Ends up in the car ??? for the rental Cadillac* Alan: I averted. Harry: If perhaps it car is a great sedan. Dylan: ? won’t need any area where you are heading. *Will get away*

Marco: What grabbed ? so long? Dylan: Who cares? I had him or her here. As for ? a couple of, get into the car.

Marco: *Gets into new truck* Dylan: *Grabs their lightweight* Alan: Harry, the primary. Harry: *Notices the newest ignition regarding the trick* No matter. They’re going to capture us whenever we exit. Alan: i kept good forty five that have three films. Marco: *Puts new truck facing its vehicles* Dylan: *Has got the lightweight toward, and you can holding a gasoline jerry* And now, for the collision. Harry: *Begins the auto, and leaves they in reverse* Dylan: *Watches them cut off backwards* They might be providing aside! Take him or her. Harry: *Ends up the vehicle, dropping it sideways* Alan: *Requires the latest forty-five, and you may shoots the new thugs* Dylan: Why don’t we get out of here! *Becomes back in his automobile* Marco: *Riding aside throughout the truck* Alan: Go after Dylan. Harry: *Shifting, chasing after Dylan out of the riverbed* Dylan: *Happens airborne, and you can places on the a course* Harry: *Following Dylan* Alan: We are in need of your live. Harry: *Strikes his automobile* Dylan: *Spins away, and you can accidents to the a pole* Alan: *Brings Dylan of their vehicle, and lies him off* Harry, name Ryan. Harry: With it. Alan: *Directing his firearm in the Dylan* Dylan: ? can not kill myself! Alan: ? murdered oneself. *Propels him regarding mouth*

Several ? later on, Alan put the gun in Dylan’s hands, to make it look like the guy murdered himself. Alan, and Harry drove out-of, going back to help you LAPD headquarters.

We could possibly most likely rating ?? place back right here

Ryan: Luckily for us ? a few managed to get back safely. When we read that undercover team decided not to come across you, we dreaded the latest terrible. Alan: Undercover staff? Harry: ? know Dylan try up against all of us? Ryan: I had men from the FBI come into ? immediately following ? around three kept. The guy showed myself specific pictures regarding Dylan doing a bit of jobs getting the Sand Brothers. We know he decided not to end up being averted as time passes, and so i expected an undercover group to save an eye fixed you. Alan: It’s the best thing ? performed. Otherwise, we had feel lifeless. Harry: Dylan grabbed us to the latest lake ?, ?? so you can phony our fatalities. We chased your, the guy crashed, upcoming shot himself. Alan: And then we found out the lady are working for the new Sand Brothers. Harry: Before we wade, I think I have to label Chief Ford.

Camryn: Certainly, In my opinion they may be able deal with them selves. Casey: I don’t worry what ? think! Chief Ford: *Arrives out-of their workplace* What’s happening? Casey: Whenever was the very last time Harry entitled? Head Ford: *Hears his cell phone band* That would be them.